Make a Killing in Facebook Mafia Wars Game

Spend every stamina point at every opportunity to keep earnings increasing.

Don’t spend foolishly. Participate in it to the fullest extent and a player can reap mounting earnings. Why? Because many properties pay handsomely. Bonus crates, exotic vehicles, crafty weapons and other Limited Edition Loot may seem enticing but be a smart buyer and compare the item’s attack and defense data with items that can readily be acquired through normal inventory purchasing or looting in the course of pulling regular jobs.

Mafia Wars is One of the Most Popular Games on Facebook

In a delightfully macabre parody of the usurous ‘nut’ or ‘vig’ coerced by real mafioso, the Mafia Wars game pays hourly for each property owned. But after the crooks leave with several hundred thousand from this job they usually ignore a player’s other holdings, which remain intact and continue cranking out hourly earnings unmolested.

Weight the bulk of the character’s holdings in lower-profile properties such as Office Buildings and lower-level real estate. As cash accumulates from jobs, fights, heists and hourly earnings plow it all into more property. While an occasional $200 million or so may be needed for weapons, armor and vehicles the bulk of current cash flow should be reinvested to continue increasing earnings.

Free Mafia Wars Strategy Tips for Getting Filthy Rich by Fighting, Robbing and Jobs

Sweep the cash account. True, the character will eventually have to do all jobs to level up and rise from lowly street thug to boss, but harvesting the low-hanging fruit first allows players to build their property income more quickly.

Work hard. For every holding purchased, the character receives thousands in hourly income. How can players hoard such lucre?

Mafia Wars How To for Making Billions with Property

Buy, buy, buy! In fact, buy every time the opportunity presents itself and develop as large a portfolio as possible. How to Make a Killing in Facebook Mafia Wars

The best Mafia Wars characters earn points for depositing boatloads of cash starting with $1 million. But in the Facebook game Mafia Wars, wise guys can still make billions the old-fashioned way – by shrewd manipulation, leverage and hard work.

Best in Mafia Wars Requires Financial Success

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. High-level players can earn millions each hour, but it takes some street smarts when it comes to how to buy property in Mafia Wars. As in the real world, prodigious accumulators of wealth in Mafia Wars succeed in part because once they have it they don’t part with it easily. And should the game’s robbing option ever return, it is typically the most frequently robbed because pulling off a heist here is the most lucrative gig in all of Mafia Wars’ robbing opportunities. With the chance to become a trillionaire, if even vicariously, its popularity is little wonder and seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Free Mafia Wars strategy for the Facebook game.The world’s most watched mafia war these days is online, not in the streets of major cities where mobsters once intimidated their way to riches. Armed with a few key strategies, characters can quickly amass a fortune many times over.

According to data from, Mafia Wars ranks fifth in Facebook’s top applications with more than 2.6 million daily average users. Before logging out, take any cash that remains after buying all the property the character can afford and move it into the bank. But be a savvy buyer because in some cases less expensive options can actually provide as good or even better returns than the higher priced neighborhoods.

Buy a sacrificial Mega Casino or two. That simple fact alone makes it easier to invest.

Stay fully invested. The ‘Nest Egg’ tops the list at $10 trillion. The bank’s 10 percent fee is outrageous but it’s cheaper than leaving loose cash around during unguarded moments and losing it all in fights.

Skim the most lucrative jobs first. Returns may not be as high in either real dollars or ROI, but most can be built on lower-priced undeveloped space. In a welcome change from the real world, this is a never-ending bull market real estate boom. The ‘Personal Bailout’ achievement, for example, requires a $1 billion deposit. In Mafia Wars, that means fighting continually, working the hitlist for extra bonus cash and robbing gratuitously. Why sacrificial? Because this is the property with the highest price tag and the highest profile. Larger properties, obviously, typically provide a better return on investment. If robbing does return there’s likely to be little advance notice so it will be prudent to be prepared just in case

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