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If that horse is improving his post position today closer to the rail) then he is worth a bet.

None of the above systems or angles work all of the time, but they might give you a good starting point for ways to look at a race, and how to handicap using different methods that have been known to identify horses that might have a winning chance

#5: Find a horse who possesses the lone speed in a race. Dirt racetracks are harder on the horse physically. By spreading your bets over a number of horse racing tipsters, you are more able to cope with the ups and downs of horse betting. When looking at the odds of the field as post time approaches, if you notice that a horse is going off at odds considerably lower than his morning line, pay attention.

#7: When looking at a race, find a horse that showed early speed in his last start and held his position for at least the first two calls. The theory behind betting a horse making a surface switch has to do with the likelihood that the trainer has determined that the horse will improve on the new surface. You can find out more on his website, Jockeys with high win percentages often get their pick of horses in a race, and factors unknown to the general public may often be behind their decision to ride a horse that looks to be outclassed in a given race.

#6: What are the morning odds on a horse. The theory is that those in the “know” are expectinga big race out of the horse. When a horse has a new jockey with a higher win percentage than the jockey in his previous races it is often a sign of good things to come. The horse will slide more on a dirt track than a turf track. However, using a few of the simple systems that I have provided in this article should make you a horse betting winner!

#8: If a horse is moving up in class, and his current odds are lower than his post time odds last time out, then give him extra consideration as a live horse.

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#9: A horse racing on a different surface. When a horse is tearing it up on the training track, word gets around and those horses are often bet heavily by folks on the backside.

There are hundreds of horse racing tips, but are the services who provide them any good. If he has any soreness in the legs, it will be aggravated by running on dirt, a switch to turf will lessen and discomfort the horse may have. Speed wins and when a horse gets a loose uncontested lead in a race they often wire the field.

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#10: The jockey riding on the horse. When you find a horse with lone speed who is dropping in class or running a shorten distance, then watch out. A horse going from turf to dirt may have more confidence and be sounder than a horse that has only been running dirt races.


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