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This means that people can to respond to what other people have said. Via online forums, people can put across their opinions and various thoughts on countless subjects and hobbies such as horse racing. This can be very important for people who do not have inside information on the race track.

So why is it important that people drop in on forums in order to express themselves? For one thing, in the real world it may be difficult to find people who want to chat about the subject. This can be incredibly frustrating, but nothing to get suicidal about! By going to a horse racing forum, you should be able to discover someone with the same level of devotion that you have.

Those reasons are:

The internet provides a lot of people with, video chat, chat rooms,instant messaging, forums and many other means of communication in order to help them put across their opinions and thoughts online. Most people fit into two groups, those that purchase, and those that chat to each other. Sure, you know that you are not the only one with an interest in horse racing. They either get free tips, systems, betting advice, and help on numerous other forms of gambling. Currently, a lot of betting is done on the internet, so people to chat with about the topic on the High Street are harder to find.

ii) Discussion: Expression can refer exclusively to you having other people pay attention to your thoughts and ideas. Other people adore the sport of kings as much as you do. Nevertheless, it is often the case that the people who you talk to on a daily basis and with whom you frequently interact do not always share the same passion that you do. In the past, a person could chat about the bias of gambling in the bookmakers and have people listen to them. iv) Humour: You will often find a great deal of pleasant chitchat on many forums, although you’ll always have the odd cantankerous folk, and a few muppets. In a racing forum, a person can share their hopes of backing a winner, the sense of success and the agony of defeat. This latter form of communication requires particular software.

iii) Information: A lot of people who go to forums do so in order to reveal, gather, or exchange information. These factors are the most important two reasons why the internet continues to develop each day. A horse racing forum can help people impart a lot of opinions, isn’t that what interaction on the internet is all about?. In fact, a lot of people today go to see a horse racing forum due to many reasons.

i) Expression: A lot of people visit horse racing forums in order to convey their various emotions regarding a particular horse or race. To be more exact, some people go to horse racing forums in order to learn how to enhance their profits. Many people remain on the same forum for years, and the humour and friendliness become part of their life, and horse racing gives you plenty of opening for this kind of gossip.

Two aspects stand out of the significance of today’s internet: connection and advertising. When you think about it, all the talking carried out in forums is actually the free exchange of information. You will be able to relate with other people who share the same passion as you do about this brilliant sport of kings.

This is another basis why horse racing forums are so critical. However, forums based on horse racing allow you not only to discuss a race, but also for numerous people to express how they consider the race to be run, and who they think the winner will be. You can read about the many opinions of others and impart your thoughts on those

Rhapsody launches music sharing on Twitter: Full-track playback without subscription

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John McCain Still Pallin’ Around With Lobbyists | Geoffrey Dunn

The sad truth of the matter is that having his lobbyist pals at his side probably hasn’t hurt him. He has raised nearly $20 million to Hayworth’s $2.5 million. He may have once branded himself a political reformer, but with John McCain, the democratic process has always come with a price attached.

“There are two John McCains,” a close friend of the senator’s told New York Magazine’s Joe Hagan. Hayworth, in what is likely to be the final campaign of his political career. Not only did he fail to lay the political groundwork for McCain’s first choice of Joe Liebermann, he also oversaw the last-minute and haphazard vetting process that resulted in the erratic and self-serving Sarah Palin joining McCain on the GOP ticket. A University of Alabama drop-out and former political operative in the Reagan White House, Davis worked his way into McCain’s inner-circle in the late 1990s by forging a relationship with McCain’s wife, Cindy, who once described Davis to Katie Couric as “our closest friend.”

That McCain will win his war against Hayworth on Tuesday goes without saying. According to the Wall Street Journal, Davis also formed a company (3eDC) overseeing McCain’s internet campaign contributions for which he initially charged the campaign more than $1 million.

For all the controversies, Davis is once again riding shotgun with McCain in Arizona, serving with another controversial lobbyist, Charlie Black, as senior advisors to the campaign. Indeed, there are many who would argue that what we are now seeing is the real McCain–stripped bare of the fanciful narrative–whose guiding light is neither public virtue nor principle, but raw ambition and a lust for power.

Then came the revelations that Davis’s lobbying firm was paid nearly $2 million by Freddie Mac–the controversial federal mortgage giant that was placed in receivership during the middle of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Davis has long been a shady and controversial figure around McCain. McCain’s seminal role in the Keating Five scandal during his first term in office forever tarnished his reputation. Then there’s another side of John, he’ll admit, that is petty and angry and petulant and small, and that side has overtaken the other one.”

Davis and McCain were also linked to gambling interests in a celebrated New York Times expose that featured an account of McCain tossing $100 chips at a craps table in a Connecticut casino with Davis at his side–this at a time when McCain was regulating the operation of Indian casinos as a member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

For all his proclamations about congressional earmarks and fiscal transparency in the federal budget, McCain has always run with a close coterie of DC-based lobbyists, particularly during the campaign season, when his political ambitions merge with those of special interest groups who have poured money into his campaign coffers. Incumbent John McCain — a venerated war hero and once celebrated presidential candidate — has been forced into the sludge against an unworthy opponent, J.D. “The one I love is a very big man, and he’s willing to take on big issues in a big way. First there were the revelations that Davis had worked for the Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska and had set up a meeting in Switzerland with McCain and Deripaska, whose “suspected links to anti-democratic and organized-crime figures are so controversial,” the Washington Post reported, “that the U.S. McCain has sullied his carefully crafted legacy by swinging sharply to the political right, betraying his once hard-forged positions on everything from immigration reform to global warming.


Award-winning writer and filmmaker Geoffrey Dunn’s book The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power will be published by St. Indeed, during McCain’s ill-fated run for the presidency in 2008, McCain’s proximity to lobbyists became the driving counter-narrative of the campaign.


Less well known was what one senior McCain advisor called a “kickback scheme” orchestrated by Davis to skim five percent of all expenditures from the McCain campaign into a partnership, Management Alliance Realty, Inc., created by Davis’s friend and lobbyist Scott Reed and Reed’s controversial client, Indian-casino developer and lobbyist Richard Fields. Martin’s Press.

In many respects, the McCain image as a “maverick” and “reformer” has always been something of a charade. government revoked his visa.”

There is an air of both tragedy and farce as the Arizona Republican primary for the United States Senate comes to a conclusion this Tuesday. It has been based on Davis’s advice, according to Hagan –with apparently little regard for public perception of McCain’s integrity–that McCain has denied his “maverick” legacy and is sounding more and more like the right-wing Republicans with whom he once waged battle.. For that alone, Davis has earned a permanent asterisk in the annals of American political history.

At the center of McCain’s lobbying controversies has been uber-lobbyist Rick Davis, his on-and-off-again presidential campaign manager who, according to Hagan, has sold what was left of McCain’s soul to the devil this summer in the blistering Arizona desert.


Davis himself was the focus several negative stories directed at the McCain campaign.

During the 2008 campaign, it was Davis–who after being demoted for a second time by McCain–was assigned the task of overseeing the selection process of the senator’s running mate, a process which he bungled badly

Do Horse Racing Betting Systems Work? by Martin Blacksheep

In the limited space I have available in this article there’s no way I can fully convince you about how much you can learn from this guys betting system. Its already been extensively used in America, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UK and most of Europe for over 13 years by thousands of people.

If you want to be shown a step-by-step outline of exactly how you can use Ali’s betting system, How to ‘Place Bets’ on Favorites for a Living, to consistently earn an income from horse racing betting, then head on over to the website at

. The majority of punters that lose money on horse racing try to make big sums of money from just a few dollars. The word here is lucky, in the long run they will certainly lose money. You’ve sent away for stuff that never quite reached you, or you bought something and it didn’t live up to its expectations. When you bet on well priced non-favorites, you are effectively betting against the odds. I’ve been ripped off before with horse racing betting systems so I understand exactly where you’re coming from. It is theoretically possible to make a consistent profit on investing in high priced non favorites at the track. However investing on certain favorites that have passed a set of Ali’s betting system rules will definitely set the odds in your favor in a very big way!

Don’t get me wrong. For a betting system, believe me, that’s pretty revolutionary!

So the Horse racing betting system in a nutshell goes something like this:-

Horse Racing Betting Systems – Do they Work?

There are lots of so called Horse Racing betting systems out there. He lays the complete betting system out before you, why bet on favorites and why for a place? The answer? Its safe, quick and easy? it’s so easy that at times it feels almost unfair. Its simply a matter of consistently following the betting system.

Everyone knows that the favorites have a high chance of winning a race right? What Ali’s system does is to select only certain types of favorites that have even a much higher chances of winning.

First off all let me clarify something, when he talks about making money from horse racing betting, he’s not talking about a few freak or lucky wins in a month. Doing it this way is going to take you 18 hours a day of research just to figure out which horses may produce the goods. Occasionally they will get lucky and succeed. Also why place betting on favorites is the safest and easiest way to profit from horse racing betting. This is a betting system that really delivers.

Let me assure you that the betting system is written in plain English and it’s easy enough for a 11 year old to use. Plus it takes only 10-20 minutes to use on any race day. Does anyone really have the spare time to do this consistently? Call me lazy but why make things hard for yourself betting on hard to pick non favorites when you can very, very easily profit from the favorites!

Ali’ betting system can be applied to any gallop horse race in the world. What he’s referring to is consistently profiting week after week and year after year from punting. He then put these horses through a set of betting system simple rules to eliminate any risks they may be carrying. Few betting systems deliver on what they promise. Most never even try a betting system, something which is essential to actually make a consistent profit on horse betting.

He answers the questions of why place betting on favorites is simply the quickest way to profit from horse racing betting. What you end up with is a set of very secure favorites that have an extremely high chance of winning. The twist is, you don’t even bet for a win! By betting for a place only you dramatically increase the odds in your favor. I can say in all honesty that as a former frustrated punter it is well worth the time checking out this information. With How to ‘Place Bets’ on Favorites for a Living , you don’t need any prior horse betting or statistics knowledge. The guy shows you how he maintained a win strike rate of 89.52% and a place strike rate of 96.35% using his own betting system.

I recently came across Mohammed Ali’s Betting system, How to ‘Place Bets’ on Favorites for a Living. Ok now don’t go all skeptical on me at this point

Surgeons Complete First Successful Penis Transplant

A South African medical team successfully transplanted the penis of a dead donor to a young man without one – after a nine-hour surgery.

According to the surgeons three months later, the recipient has a functional sexual organ, writes The Washington Post.

Even if everything functions physically – the ramifications of the psychological trauma can prove too much for some..

This occurred to a Chinese patient who was the first successful recipient – in 2006, 10 days after a physically successful surgery, the man asked doctors to remove his new organ.

But according to his surgical team – the unnamed 21-year-old in Cape Town, who lost his penis three years ago, is delighted.

Complications from this practice lead to an estimated 250 penile amputations each year.

The man lost his penis because of complications from a ritual circumcision – but the surgery has made him the first successful recipient of a donated penis.

After the long-term success of this patient, they have nine others lined up to receive organ donations.

If the function (both urinary and sexual) and appearance aren’t right the recipient would have to deal with haivng a foreign object in place of his penis.

Van der Merwe explained that South Africa has a bigger need for penis transplants than most of the world.

It is no small feat to reattach an organ, and sexual organs can have psychological implications.

Young men from the Xhosa people often undergo ritual circumcision – which sometimes occurs in rural areas without the use of proper surgical instruments or sterilization.

In order to get approval from the donor’s family, doctors had to create a pseudo-penis for him out of abdominal skin.

News24 Live’s Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath did some live tweeting from Friday’s press briefing on the historic surgery:

“Our goal was that he would be fully functional at two years, and we are very surprised by his rapid recovery,” Andre van der Merwe, head ofStellenbosch University’s Division of Urology and head of the surgical team, told Bloomberg.

This way the man could be buried with something resembling a penis.

Surgeons Complete First Successful Penis Transplant : Science : Design & Trend

Surgery(Photo : Getty Images/Christopher Furlong) A South African medical team successfully transplanted the penis of a dead donor to a young man without one – after a nine-hour surgery

Buying A Football Table

They allow you to generate a small income (perhaps to pay off the costs of the table football), and also prevent the same people spending too long on a table if others want to take a turn.

It isn’t likely that you need much convincing to buy a football table. So as well as never being bored at home again, you will probably never lose a table football competition or bet – again!

About the Author:

Cue Power sell a huge range of quality football tables in numerous designs. If you are keeping your football table outside you should buy a weather-proof table football.These are also going to be more robust so less likely to get damaged in rough pay or through drinks spillages.

A coin operated table may be the best option if it is not solely for the use of friends and family. But once you have made that decision, you will need to decide on a number of factors.

By owning your own table you will be able to challenge friends and family to matches, enjoying quality social time with a friendly competition. Micro tables are designed for areas with limited space, and an artist once created a football table to fit 22 players at once!

Types of Table Football

Table top football tables are ideal for storing away, but you need to have a big enough table in the first place. If you are not buying a table-top football table think about height if young children will be playing.

Table football is a popular and accessible pastime suitable for all ages. They are available in a huge range of finishes so it is important to browse the different styles.. It is likely you’ll want more than two on each side for an added challenge and the possibility of playing 2 a side.

Table football tables come in a range of sizes. Their products including coin-operated tables, micro-sized tables and different brands, as well as all of the essential table football accessories.

The main thing to consider with the size of your table football table is not to buy too big you will need plenty of space around it for players to move freely. If you are buying a table for a pub, youth club or other business you may well have more space available. This means that there is sure to be one to suit your home space, whether you intend to keep in the living room, garage or bedroom. And, like other sports, your skills are going to improve with practice. Measure your space before making a purchase.

Choosing the right size of Table Football

Most football tables come with 4 control handles on each side. Table football tables are generally around 150cm (length) by 80cm (width), although this changes dramatically depending on the style. Table football is a traditional feature of pubs and youth clubs, but like similar table-top spots pool and air-hockey, owning your own offers many benefits.

The advantages of buying a table top football table

Bonzini, Langoni and Garlando are some of the most popular brands of football tables. Does your table need to be covered? This is ideal if you want the added security (the ball is less likely to get lost) and safety if you think young children will be playing. Whether you want to play socially, with friends over some drinks, or you want to become a serious competitor in the sport, it is the dream of many to own your own table football table. Your choice of brand is likely to be influenced by your budget and requirements. Find a table which you find aesthetically pleasing and will match its room

Delaware Lottery Launches $100,000 Football Contest.

“Sports betting has proven to be very popular at our three Casino Sports Books in Delaware and we think this option will add interest throughout the season.”

Copyright 2010 Gale, Cengage Learning. The Lottery offers a variety of games: POWERBALL([R]), MEGA MILLIONS([R]), HOT LOTTO([R]), MULTI-WIN LOTTO, PLAY 3, PLAY 4, and assorted Instant Games. 20 as the Delaware Lottery introduces a new football contest: the Delaware Lottery $100,000 Ultimate Pro Football Challenge. — Think you know your pro football? Make your picks starting Aug. The player (or players) with the best record at season’s end will win the $50,000 top prize. Parlay bets are accepted on a minimum of three pro football games.

COPYRIGHT 2010 Business Wire

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Delaware casinos to reward East Coast’s best pro football handicapper

WILMINGTON, Del. Cash prizes will be available through fifth place and top players at various stages throughout the season will also be eligible for $5,000 prizes. Sports betting players at Delaware Park, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway can compete for a chance to win a $50,000 first prize and recognition as the top pro football handicapper on the East Coast.

Winner Privacy is our Policy.

The Delaware Lottery only publishes winner names with their consent.

“We are excited to offer this sports betting option to our customers,” said Wayne Lemons, Director of the Delaware State Lottery. Delaware Lottery game and promotional details are available at, at licensed retailers, and from the Lottery’s office in Dover.

Football pundits participating in the Delaware Lottery $100,000 Ultimate Pro Football Challenge will pay a one-time entry fee of $250 at any one of the three Casino Sports Books. All rights reserved.

Since the start of operations in 1975, the Delaware Lottery has contributed more than $3 billion to the state’s General Fund to help finance needed state services that benefit everyone in Delaware. Parlay cards are generally available in the casinos’ Sports Book areas each Wednesday afternoon.

. Cash prizes totaling $100,000 will be handed out.

Complete rules are available on the Delaware Lottery Website at

In addition to the $100,000 contest, Delaware’s casinos at Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway offer a variety of parlay sports betting options on pro football games in state-of-the-art gaming facilities. Players then pick six pro football games each week against the spread through the first 17 weeks of the 2010-2011 pro football season

Here are your odds of joining the 1%

Even at the top 20 percent income level, the odds of staying there for 10 or more consecutive years is just one in five. Other studies have shown limited income mobility at lower wealth levels. The walls are more porous around the top 1 percent and especially around the top 5 and 10 percent.

“Income fluidity is a double-edged sword,” the authors write, “creating opportunity for many, along with insecurity that this opportunity may end sooner than hoped for.”

Americans’ staying power gets better as you go down the chain, but even then it’s clear the good times don’t last for many. A recent study shows that the average American has a 1 in 9 chance of joining that elite club.

The researchers also looked at what types of Americans are likely to float around these upper levels of income. “

Play Video

About 11 percent of U.S. All Rights Reserved.

Here’s what the researchers found for Americans by age 60:

But the new paper, by professors Tom Hirschl of Cornell University and Mark Rank of Washington University, showed much more fluid movement at the higher end of the income spectrum. For example, for fathers in the bottom 20 percent of the income distribution, 42 percent of their sons will remain at those low levels. In other words, keep your gold-plated suitcases handy because there’s a good chance you’ll be packing up for the lower wealth levels soon enough.

The tricky part? Staying there.. As of 2012, you had to have adjusted gross income of $434,682 per year to land in the top 1 percent.

We The Economy

What are the causes of inequality?

In Monkey Business, filmmaker Shola Lynch chats with economists from across the political spectrum to help explain the causes of economic inequal…

© 2015 CBS Interactive Inc.. The fact that race is such a dominant factor “suggests persisting patterns of social inequality related to past and present discrimination and exclusion,” they wrote. Translation: In the U.S., more than many other countries, if you’re born into poverty you’ll likely stay there.

The researchers showed that of those who make it to the top 1 percent, only 1.6 percent will stay there for at least five consecutive years, and only 0.6 percent will stay there for at least a decade.

That seems to push against, if not totally refute, the idea that the top 1 percent are a walled-off elite with lives that the remaining 99 percent will never get to experience.




Educated for more than 12 years

Lacking any work disability

The strongest predictors of top-level wealth are education, marriage and race, the researchers found. In what will be a surprise to absolutely no one, Americans that reached these heights are likely to be:

70 percent will spend at least a year in the top 20 percent of earners

53 percent will spend at least a year in the top 10 percent

36 percent will spend at least a year in the top 5 percent

11 percent will spend at least a year in the top 1 percent

The research shows that there is plenty of income mobility in America — at the top rungs on the ladder. workers will move into the top 1 percent of income earners for at least a year between age 25 and 60, the study authors say. “Thus it would be misguided to presume that top-level income attainment is solely a function of hard work, diligence, and equality of opportunity.

It’s one thing just to make it into the ranks of these wealthy groups. It’s much more difficult to stay there for any considerable length of time.

The financial wall separating the nation’s wealthiest 1 percent from the rest of us is high, but it isn’t insurmountable

Horse Racing Fans Prepare for Possible Triple Crown Winner Video

He was on the horse when they took a jog. “Gma” anchors can’t. Obviously, he’s feeling a little bit nervous. It’s going to be a — Reporter: The last to win a triple crown was affirmed, in 1978. And coming up on “Gma,” “Pop news” after a quick break.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.. Horse racing could have its first triple crown winner in decades. That is true, Lindsay. You guys are awesome. 12 horses have fallen just short yet. Reporter: I would love to. All that stands between Espinoza, the people’s horse and history, is 1 1/2 miles at the Belmont. If you need any tips, just call me. Will California chrome be able to seal the deal at Belmont? Lindsay czarniak is at the track for us. Jockey victor Espinoza said the first time he saw California chrome, it was like a beautiful woman walking into his life. Good morning, Lindsay. California chrome shines bright in the Kentucky derby. Thank you. ESPN can. How are you feeling? He said, good. What does that mean in horse terms? That means lively. The story is fit for Hollywood. When him and I bought the filly, love the chase, chrome’s mother. And speaking of beautiful, congratulations on baby zelana. That’s good for them because that’s how he was before the first two legs of the triple crown. I think this one is going to do it. And you’ve got to imagine the butterflies that he came so close to that triple crown win just so many years ago. Reporter: This is California chrome this morning, going for his jog hours before he runs the biggest race of his life. I saw him this morning. Winning the first two legs of the triple crown and failing to win the third. California chrome may be the favorite. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. California chrome’s camp very confident this morning. Reporter: They named their company D.A.P. How is California chrome doing? He said, happy. According to ESPN’s Darren rove Rovell, the horse has signed a deal with sketchers.

Transcript for Horse Racing Fans Prepare for Possible Triple Crown Winner

We’ve been talking about this all morning, for weeks, actually. If chrome wins today, that $10,000 total investment will be worth millions. His trainer, art Sherman, was here. But the odds aren’t necessarily in his favor. I’m also so interested in that report because I didn’t know we were allowed to say dumb-ass on TV. The horse is out for the morning jog at 5:30 this morning. The sport of kings, in the spotlight this morning. That’s liberating. And somebody at the barn says, you guys are real dumb-asses if you buy this filly and race her. A man who fell just short on war emblem in 2002. While the riches would go to horse owners and trainer, the glory would go to jockey victor Espino Espinoza. I’d be a happy man before I die. Reporter: If he does it one more time, he’ll become the best racehorse we have seen in 36 years. These two have already cashed in on endorsements. Right down to its beginning, when two first-time breeders, Steve Coburn, and Perry martin, bought an average filly, for $8,000 and came away with a nickname that stuck. Racing, dumb-ass partners, and that filly gave birth to a horse with a calm demeanor that captured the heart of America. We were walking away. California chrome has won the preakness. Reporter: California chrome keeps getting better and better